MSaaS: Advanced Video Security

MSaaS Video Surveillance: Our Approach

The first and most important step in implementing a MSaaS deployment is determining your goal for an operational video solution. It is a good idea to map out where you want video surveillance to take place and for what purpose (i.e. mobile surveillance overview, identification, loss prevention, people counting, license plate recognition, POS integration).

This will determine the type and number of network cameras, as well as other components to install and will influence the overall monthly cost of the MSaaS solution.

With Hunter’s help, you can draw up the most effective plan for an MSaaS installation
and incorporate select points of interest to view (area of coverage). You will also be able
to implement laser-like positioning for each camera to define what you want to be able to
capture with each screen and even consider environmental and light conditions, and
vandalism potential.



Position of the recording server (existing rack, new rack, covert/ hidden)

Outdoor/indoor, fixed/fixed dome/PTZ/PTZ dome network camera?

Viewing and recording needs: Determine when and how often you need to view

and record: day, night and/or weekends? Hours of operation?

Current number of mobile devices? (blackberry,iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices)


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