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Hunter Security Inc. has been at the forefront of Security Guard Services in Southern
California since 1993. Our industry is always changing because the demands of our
customers require more efficiency, better security and lower cost with more capability.
The purpose of technology and innovation has always been to enhance the quality of
service while at the same time lowering cost. Hunter Security has the solution.

Through our recent partnership with SNAP Security, along with the resources, products
and recently declassified systems they have introduced to the industry, we proudly offer
you our new service “California Command Center” The most up to date Video Verification
and Response Technology Available.



  • We monitor your premises by video from our state of the art Command Center
  • The cameras alert our Command Center by utilizing thermal imaging, ground radar infrared, motion detection, and other precise analytics all of which are programmed to notify us of any potential breach in your security. Cameras can also come equipped with acoustic devices that our Command Center personnel can use to speak directly to criminals and trespassers to issue verbal warnings
  • Upon notification, we verify the video occurrence then we either dispatch our roving patrol officers or immediately contact law enforcement. A live video feed can be provided instantly to police dispatch and to the Mobile Data Terminals inside responding law enforcement officer’s vehicles
  • This process also eliminates false alarm charges
  • All video is recorded and stored at a remote location with easy retrieval

 Access live video from your smart phone or iPad.

C3-MVS takes real time and recorded video from surveillance systems and delivers it to
not only our Command Center but also to your mobile iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,
Blackberry and Android devices. This allows users to command and control video images
for safety and operational purposes.

In addition you receive an intuitive command center in the palm of your hand. Allowing
you to monitor your business operations from anywhere in the world. Observe
employees, work progress, shipments, deliveries, and on site employee health and safety
issues. You receive instant security notifications directly to your mobile device.
It gets even better NO upfront cost! No matter how large the project.

You pay a monthly subscription fee for our system and our service that includes:

  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • Replacement
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Support
  • and more!

Do you already have a camera system?
If so, we may be able to utilize your existing system. Contact us to find out more.


Video Verification

California Command Center
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