Security Video Verification Service

Video Verification Service For Schools

The leading edge of video surveillance technology now can be arrayed by California Command Center specializes in customized visual surveillance solutions for schools throughout California. We can Detect, Prevent, Monitor and Deploy necessary personnel to the appropriate location while keeping in mind the budgetary restrictions.

Video Verification Service For Auto Dealers

With strategically place cameras, the entire property can be in view. Video is stored on a network video recorder, and can be viewed via the Internet. Employees and management can also view the video recorded by the cameras on hand held devices as well as their laptop or desktop computers.


Video Verification Service For Retail

We offer full protection of your property and assets by combining the advantages of video surveillance technology and a standing security guard.

Hunter Security has developed a cost effective solution to bring you the best of both worlds. Our experts provide top of the line service that brings you maximum coverage at an affordable price.

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