Advanced Retail Video Security System

advanced video retail monitoring

Innovative Solutions -Immediate Cost Savings 

In the retail industry, to prove compliance with health code regulations, a chain restaurant could install a video surveillance system for security, but then also use it for loss prevention (monitoring activity at the register, as well as in food storage areas) and process optimization. This could include ensuring workers wear gloves, properly greet and treat customers, follow procedures for food handling and serving, and regularly clean tables and counters. A system designed to protect your inventory and manage retail operation

A New Look at Retail Surveillance

One doesn’t have to look far to realize how quickly mobile network video systems are becoming the standard for modern video surveillance. Retail businesses all over the world are adopting them and enjoy the following benefits.

• Improve the profitability of your retail outlet

• Significantly reduce shrinkage and improve staff security

• Use video as part of operation management tool, measuringemployee efficiency and 

How Our Advanced Retail Video Security System Works  

Hunter Security has partnered with Snap Security and IBM to bring the cutting edge surveillance technology in the market. Together, we design specifically designed program analytics to help our guards detect possible threats. Our guards use this technology to oversee and detect threats of property loss, damage, and operational flaws.The analytics help detect items of concern and allow us to prevent harm rather than react after the fact. This system features:

•Talk down technology

•Facial recognition

•HD night/day cameras

•Inventory protection

•People Counting

•And much more…



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