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Safety and Security Matter! Car dealerships today face many unique challenges. The first may seem obvious, but in reality is often overlooked. The issue in question is security. One may not think car dealerships have security issues, but they do; and in these tough economic times, they have them more than ever.

It is imperative dealerships are aware of, and pursue solutions that address the issues of security and safety. Unfortunately car dealerships, as well as other businesses, often think having a security system in place is too expensive and it won’t save them money in the long run. This idea that security is too expensive is starting to disappear, and businesses are now starting to see the benefits in the investment. After conducting a cost benefit analysis, dealerships are obtaining a return on investment for having appropriate security.

Reduce Auto Dealership Theft - Advanced Video Verification

In today’s economic climate, theft at auto dealerships has become commonplace due to the high price of auto parts and the expense of precious metals like copper, tin, aluminum, and other metals used in automobile parts. 

Non-criminal occurrences are also common with car dealers such as traffic accidents that end up involving the dealership, and slip and falls. All of these issues can end up in litigation, which can cost the dealership thousands of dollars in legal fees, lost productivity, lost customers, and lost sales. 

These incidents may not be avoided, but with video surveillance, the dealership can feel confident they are protected, and aware of what is happening on the property. Employees can see customers coming on the lot, and they can also alert police if they see criminal activity brewing on the lot as well. 

With strategically place cameras, the entire property can be in view. Video is stored on a network video recorder, and can be viewed via the Internet. Employees and management can also view the video recorded by the cameras on hand held devices as well as their laptop or desktop computers. 


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